<![CDATA[My learning journey - My Learning Journey]]>Fri, 11 Mar 2016 13:41:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Term two]]>Mon, 22 Feb 2016 05:47:47 GMThttp://978651134548314275.weebly.com/my-learning-journey/term-twoAnother term has come and gone, and a new one awaits after spring break! New learning, new experiences and warmer weather! Here is my refection of term two:
What I am proud of: My science project with Danai, my space report, my fraction test and doing the different kinds of writing blogs! My space project was definitely my favourite in term 2 because I loved working with Danai and I enjoyed learning about space and our solar system, that would include my space report, my presentation and my poster. It was cool to learn about the different styles of writing, my favourite was the order of importance, or the news story. I did my news story on a mermaid sighting. On my fraction test I got 17/20, I did study and I thought I was going to do badly, but I didn't (because I studied).

What I did well: My traits of writing, like I said they were really fun to learn about the different styles of learning. My space report and presentation was on Mars and hers was Neptune. Partnering with Danai was good because we learned about each others planet. Fractions was also fun because I like math, the only kind I don't like is interegers, and I did well on the test. I think I  did well in art because I tried hard to get the colours to blend and contrast one another.

What I could have improved on: Maybe raising my hand more to say answers and things. Writing and getting my planner signed every day by my parents. Running laps around the school I would like to do more of them. In p.e. I think I could have tried harder in basketball even though it isn't my favourite sport, I also could have improved on dribbling with my other hand. In l.a. Maybe I could learn to improve on my paragragh skills. In science I cloud try to do different reports on different planets, not that I didn't like the ones I was working on but there are others.

Term 3 wishes: I would like to go on field trips and learn about government in social studies. Learn about my emotions and do more of the zones chart in class. It would be fun if we did badminton in gym too. It would be good to have a class pet, like a hamster or something! I am excited about the speech fest, just not presenting! :) It would be cool if we learned about recycling and composting!

What I loved: I loved doing the space report on Neptune, doing dodgeball in gym was awesome! It was cool that we did space art on the planets. I loved that we got to use our phones in class and for projects and freshgrade. I liked basketball, I know I said it wasn't my favourite sport but maybe I like it a bit now - maybe! It was cool that we get catchup time or passion time to get to do what we want. I also like the zones chart that we do every morning. 

In my opinion term two was fun and exciting, and I can't wait for term 3! Thank you for reading!]]>
<![CDATA[L.A. :chronological order 2015]]>Fri, 08 Jan 2016 05:05:02 GMThttp://978651134548314275.weebly.com/my-learning-journey/la-chronological-order-2015                     This is what happened in my 2015! First in January I went to my friend Kalisha`s birthday party, it was a sleepover at her house, it was really fun and we made a Japanese sushi kit from powder and it was kind of hard because none of us new Japanese so we had to go off pictures. Next is February, it was Valentines Day! I got tones of cards and candy, it was really fun! Now March, it was another friends birthday- my friend Deliah! It was another sleepover and it really fun because we watched old movies in her VCR in her basement and we stayed up late playing minecraft on our Ipods. Another thing that happend in March was I got a mono fin from water mania and of course if I got a mono fin a would want to use it so we went swimming, oh by the way a mono fin is a mermaid fin but only for your feet. Next is April, as they say April showers and May flowers,it was Easter!! I got lots of candy and chocolate! But anyway it was April fools day and our teachers tricked us by saying that we had a new teacher and it would start after recess. But it was an April fools day joke, also I went to Victoria with my Girl Guides unit and we went all over Victoria and not to mention we got white spot on the ferry. Now its May, Another field trip to Victoria but this time we had to be at school for 6:00 in the morning for the buses to pick us up, and we got back at 7:30 pm but this trip we went to the parlement building and I got geleto witch is Italian icecream, it was so good, another field trip, to playland! It was supposed to be for science but we just went on the rides and we had food and played games. That was a fun school day!!! Next up is June, it was camp day at school and we stayed in tents and we had a water gun fight, ate hot dogs, and went on scavenger hunts!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun! Finally school was out! It was also my moms birthday, we had a old school kids birthday, we had hot dogs and we wore party hats and we had chips and cake and played pin the tail on the donkey, it was very simple- something my mom would have as a small child. Now its time for July, not much except I did a golf camp for a week at Northveiw golf and country club and I went to the pool a lot, but I couldn't use my own pool because there were water restrictions for all of the summer due to not enough snow in the winter time (we were at stage 2 water limits). August is always fun because it is my family camping trip to the Okanagan, we go to this place right beside a lake and we stay in these little huts with bunk beds and a small kitchen called cabanas there really cute and small and the kitchen is outside but the beds are not- its sort of hard to explain, but anyway this year mom let me bring a friend so I brought my BFF Sadie, we had so much fun! we swam all day in the lake and not to mention we have a huge 7 person floatie that we anchor out far in the lake and we swim to it and then run or jump off it, and we always get lots of candy and treats through the week and we went to the candy store and got even more candy and ice cream, the ice cream is so good! Oh ya and we got to go to the best ice cream place in the whole province- not just saying that its a fact, its called Tickleberries and I'm not even joking there must have been at least 100 flavors of ice cream! :) Also I did another week of golf camp at Northveiw but this time I got to push a golf cart! Also it was stage 3 water limits. September is school starts again- but for most of September its actually still summer, also it was my birthday and I went to my gymnastics place with 4 of my friends Sadie, Deliah,Katie, and Brookie, after that we went back to my house and had a sleepover and we played games and stayed up late. October- trick or treat! October was fun for me because of Halloween of course, I was little red riding hood, I got lots of candy! It was my dads birthday on the 14th. At the end of October I went on an interesting camping trip, it was at a girl guide camp out in  Abbotsford at a place called camp MacLennen we stayed in platform tents, there basically permanent tents, so on the first night just as me and my friends were about to go to bed we noticed that we had like 3 big spiders in our tent and we had spider eggs, I am terrified of spiders so I was having a freak out, so we had to move tents,then when we finally settled in  in our new tent we went right to sleep, when we woke up we went to eat breakfast and it turns out one of the tents was scratched on by a bear, oh yeah and it rained the whole day so we did nothing and sat in the cold rain shelter, I brought a thermal heating poncho and it was all silver and shiny so I got the nickname Alien- that wasn't fun. That  camping trip was one to remember. Speaking of remembering its time for November, it was Remembrance Day, and then it was my grandmas birthday where we had turkey and a nice dinner. Now its the season of giving, or December. It was Christmas, i got a lot of gifts but the big one was all three seasons of my favourite show house of anubis!!! (really watch it if you haven't, its  really good), and then after that on boxing week I got an Iphone 6. 2015 was a good year for me, it was fun and crazy.]]><![CDATA[term one reflection]]>Mon, 14 Dec 2015 19:23:12 GMThttp://978651134548314275.weebly.com/my-learning-journey/term-one-reflection1. Term one reflection
Things that went well: I did well in math and science and I worked really hard on the Christmas play and the science project. Something that didn`t go very well was my science of dreams project. A memory from term one was meeting my favourite teacher Mr.Dorland. My favourite activity was doing the build and go with Mr.Don Wan Bill. 

​2. My short term goal is to finally get an exceding expectations or an A. Also I want to not lose any of my school suplies next year.

3. In term 2 I want to learn about electricity and I want to have a class pet.
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